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Our Roots

Albeit in different ways, Covid-19 has negatively impacted both businesses and young people alike.

Businesses are facing a redefined commercial landscape due to social distancing regulation and an economy suffering from bruised consumer sentiment.

Young people have seen their travel plans foiled, internships pulled, and graduate jobs market shrink considerably.

Covid Interns connects these two otherwise very separate groups for volunteer placements to mutual benefit – young people receive currently rare professional opportunities while businesses avail of skilled candidates in a tough period.

Our Mission

We're a small team of recent graduates looking to help our community in a tough time.

Core Values

Inclusion: we aim to provide educational opportunities to candidates across a range of disciplines and backgrounds.

Exciting: we aim to offer students a unique way to gain new experiences by taking part in semester projects.

Hassle free: our recruitment team takes the headache out of finding top class talent.

Honesty: we will wave any invoice you are not happy with – just reach out.

Meet The Team

Paddy Ryder

Operations & Growth

Paddy has recently graduated from the Global Business Studies at Trinity College Dublin. He has an avid interest in business strategy, entrepreneurship and finance. He is currently pursuing an MSc Finance and Accounting at Imperial College London. He is a former ambassador for Movember, and is a keen golfer playing off a handicap of 9.

Rob Muldowney

Operations & Growth

Rob graduated with a degree in Global Business Studies at Trinity College Dublin. He has recently started a role with “Let’s Get Checked” on their graduate programme. He has a passion for start ups and is a dual citizen of Ireland and USA.

Andrew Kilgallen

Finance & Organisation

Andrew is a recent graduate of Economics and Finance at University College Dublin and is due to join Davy Group in the coming months as part of their graduate programme. When he’s not busy working to connect businesses and students, you’ll likely find him on a GAA pitch.

Joshua Mckee


Joshua is in his final year of studying Physics at Trinity College Dublin. He loves working with emerging technology and has previous start-up experience. Outside of work he enjoys mountaineering, running and baking.

Stay Up To Date


Learn more about Covid Interns, here’s some frequently asked questions

Submit an application by clicking any of the “Apply Today” buttons on this page. Provide some information on your past experience and interests alongside a resume – then we’ll take it from there.

Yes, should you wish to submit an updated resume or update your contact details please send an email or message on the contact form specifying the changes and we’ll update our database.

A member of our team will contact you via email regarding a potential opportunity. 

You can find out more by reaching out with a message to a member of our team via the contact page.

Our candidates may agree to take projects on a voluntary basis if they are appropriate and can be fit in around their schedule. Any placements that more closely resemble jobs should be positioned as paid placements, unless there are special circumstances such as charitable status, a complete lack of revenue, etc. Students may agree to volunteer for organisations with such worthy causes. This will be decided upon in a case by case basis, so please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss the merits of your placement idea!

If you are in a position to pay, and find that after 3 weeks your Covid Intern has been a success, we will charge a modest fee. Fees are necessary to make our social impact initiative sustainable. If your organisation is a charity, new start-up, or gravely struggling, we can offer pro bono placement services.

The Covid Interns will search for a suitable counterpart in our database of signups and facilitate the connection between you and the counterparty. Once we have identified a suitable opportunity, we will first contact the students and confirm their interest in the identified role. Once interest is confirmed, we contact the business with the volunteer details so that the business can screen the candidate to ensure he/she is appropriate. Once both sides have agreed, we then introduce the two parties via email. The two parties then finalise the placement by discussing the elements of the role.

It depends. If you are in search of a very specific intern/placement, the wait time can be slightly longer to those seeking more general opportunities. The feedback on wait times so far has been overwhelmingly positive – most businesses and students are getting connections within one week of signing up. This is not a guarantee as each case is different, but the team works very hard to make timely placements!

Covid Interns administration remains available for all queries, comments, and requests before, during, and after the placement has been made. If you have feedback, either positive or negative, we will be on hand to adapt the placement and/or organise a new placement if needed; Covid Interns is intent on making placements that add mutual value.

By all means – word of mouth, LinkedIn, and website sharing are all very welcome as we scale the initiative further. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to promote the platform in any way!