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We have a diverse talent pool of candidates with varied experience seeking roles on a full time, part time or academic placement basis.

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We strive to provide candidates that add value to your business. This includes a 3 week grace period prior to billing our modest recruitment fee.

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We understand that recruitment has become increasingly automated and tedious. We're here to provide a human touch - just reach out.

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Get matched with candidates which are looking for an opportunity just like yours.

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Business Queries

Learn more about Covid Interns, here’s some frequently asked questions

Submit an application by clicking any of the “Apply Today” buttons on this page. Provide a brief overview of your business requirements – then we’ll take it from there.

Yes, should you wish to submit an updated job specification or to update your contact details please submit a message on the “Reach Out” page specifying the changes and we’ll update our database.

A member of our team will contact you via email regarding prospective candidates. At this point you can discuss whether to proceed to interviewing or request additional candidates.

You can find out more by reaching out with a message to a member of our team via the “Reach Out” page.

Pricing Queries

Here’s some frequently asked questions regarding our pricing

Covid Interns was established in May 2020 to tackle the commercial challenges posed by businesses seeking to resume their operations amid the pandemic. We sought to provide these businesses with an extra set of helping hands in the form of university students and recent graduates. We worked entirely pro bono over the ensuing seven months to connect over 160 students and businesses. As we look to continue our efforts, we have begun to charge a modest fee for our services.

At Covid Interns, we are well aware of the financial challenges and risk posed to SMEs in recruiting new talent, from advertising to selecting the right candidate. Covid Interns seeks to minimise this risk by providing businesses with quality candidates from our deep talent pool of dedicated and skilled students and graduates. Upon interviewing suitable candidates, a business has a three week period of working with the Covid Intern to determine whether they are the correct fit before our fee becomes due.

If you determine after this 3 week period that the candidate isn’t suitable for the role at hand, Covid Interns will waive our fee, and look to engage with the business owner in sourcing an alternative candidate who may be better aligned with the requirements of the role. With this process in place, Covid Interns eliminates the financial risk associated with recruitment faced by businesses.

Because different roles require different degree of experience and skills, our fee will be determined by several factors, including the nature of the role and the number of hours required. Our fees are considered well below the industry average, thus offering a cost-effective recruitment solution to small and medium enterprises. Please fill out our business application form to receive a direct quote.

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